Trump Says Hillary Clinton Is “The Devil”

Trump Says Hillary Clinton Is “The Devil”
Trump Says Hillary Clinton Is “The Devil”

Republican candidate Donald Trump has called Democratic rival Hillary Clinton “the devil”, in the face of continuing fire from within his own party.

Speaking at a rally in a high school gym in Pennsylvania, Trump attacked Bernie Sanders for capitulating to Clinton in the Democratic race, BBC reported.

“He made a deal with the devil,” the tycoon said. “She’s the devil.”

Democrats and Republicans alike have condemned Trump for his remarks about a US Muslim soldier’s parents.

Former Republican candidate John McCain became the latest senior Republican to criticize Trump for his attack on the parents of US Army Capt. Humayun Khan who was killed by a car bomb in 2004 in Iraq, at the age of 27.

Senator McCain, a veteran of the Vietnam War, said in a strongly worded statement that Trump did not have “unfettered license to defame the best among us”.

The Republican candidate had already described the decision of Sanders to back Clinton at the convention as a “deal with the devil”. However, his remarks on Monday evening in the gym in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, were the first time he went so far as to specifically equate Clinton with the devil.

In another development, American billionaire businessman Warren Buffett challenged Trump to release his tax returns. Trump has said that they cannot be made public until the financial authorities have completed an audit.

But Buffett said there were no rules against showing tax returns and allowing people to ask questions about them.

Speaking at a rally in support of Clinton, Buffett said he was under audit as well, adding he was prepared to meet Trump “any place, any time” to go over each other’s tax returns.