Clinton Campaign Breached in Cyberattack on Networks

Clinton Campaign Breached in Cyberattack on NetworksClinton Campaign Breached in Cyberattack on Networks

US Democrats have confirmed a new cyberattack on their networks, with hackers targeting a data analytics service used by the Clinton team.

The attack comes after two data breaches earlier in the week. The service was hacked as part of a recent attack on Democratic Party institutions, a campaign spokesman said on Friday.

The hackers had access to the program for five days, though there was no evidence that any computer systems were compromised, Deutsche Welle reported.

Campaign officials said they were only one of the users of the DNC’s voter analysis system, adding that the program did not include data such as Social Security numbers or credit card information.

“Our campaign computer system has been under review by outside cyber security experts,” said campaign spokesman, Nick Merrill. “To date, they have found no evidence that our internal systems have been compromised.”

The hack of the Democratic National Committee caused an embarrassment for the party when WikiLeaks published thousands of leaked emails during last week’s national convention.

Documents showed that some party officials favored presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and sought to undermine her rival Bernie Sanders in the primary race, sparking anger among Sanders supporters and forcing the resignation of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz last Sunday.

On Friday, another Democrats’ body announced they had also been hacked in a separate attack. This time, the hackers targeted the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which raises money and provides assistance for House candidates.