IS Center Seized in Eastern Afghanistan

IS Center Seized in Eastern AfghanistanIS Center Seized in Eastern Afghanistan

A large center linked to the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group has been captured by Afghan commando forces during an operation in the Kot district of eastern Nangarhar province.

The IS affiliates would manage their activities from the center in Sarai Bazaar area and would put on trial their opponents.

The center has been captured by commando forces during their operation and now leftover documents and other items could been at the facility, Pajhwok Afghan News Agency reported.

Several IS black flags had been hoisted on the center and walls of some nearby shops and “Khilafat-i-Islamia Wilayat-i-Khorasan” (Islamic State of Khorasan province) was written in black on the walls of some rooms.

Afghan National Army’s 201 Selab Military Corps forth brigade commander Col. Jan Mohammad told Pajhwok Afghan News reporter in the area that the captured facility was a big center of IS. “It was a marshal place of IS militants, they would organize attacks from here and besides a court, they have had established some other departments,” he said.

The operation by the Afghan commando forces is not confined to the Sarai Bazaar area alone. Away from the area, there are two frontline areas called Faqir Baba and Ilyas Baba localities.

All residents of these villages have been displaced. Several homes have been torched as a result of clashes between the warring sides. Bullet holes in walls of homes are visible.