1st UK Drone Strike in Iraq 

1st UK Drone Strike in Iraq 1st UK Drone Strike in Iraq 

Britain launched its first drone strike in Iraq against IS fighters at the weekend, the government said on Monday, saying a Hellfire missile had been fired at militants laying improvised explosive devices.

Britain’s parliament approved air strikes against IS insurgents in Iraq in September and Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 fighter-bombers have since carried out dozens of combat missions as part of US-led military action in the country, Reuters reported.

The Ministry of Defense said a Reaper drone had taken part in a series of coalition missions near Bayji, north of Baghdad, and had also provided intelligence to coalition aircraft to allow them to conduct further strikes.

Britain said last month it was authorizing spy planes and armed drones to fly surveillance missions over Syria too, but that drones there would not be allowed to use their weapons for now. Britain hasn’t carried out any air strikes in Syria either.