MH17 remembered in Amsterdam

MH17 remembered in AmsterdamMH17 remembered in Amsterdam

Hundreds of bereaved family members and friends of passengers who died in the Malaysia Airlines MH17 disaster have gathered in the Dutch capital Amsterdam to commemorate the dead.

Nearly 200 of the plane’s 298 victims came from the Netherlands, BBC reported.

Ukraine and Western countries accuse pro-Russian rebels of shooting the plane down with a Russian-made missile, an accusation which Russia denies.

The exact cause of the crash in eastern Ukraine has not been established.

President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that allegations that the rebels were hampering efforts to find out what happened to the plane were “totally unfounded”.

The Dutch investigation team has been unable to access the area, but Robby Oehlers has been there, to search for his cousin, Daisy. All that the forensic teams have found so far is a piece of Daisy’s hip bone. For many of the 298 families, tiny fragments such as these are all they have to mourn.

Although the Dutch investigation team has not gone to the site, Dutch forensic scientists have been able to recover more remains and belongings, and as recently as Saturday they were flown back to Eindhoven.

Nine of the 298 victims are yet to be identified and there is little hope that they ever will.