S. Korea Fires Shots Near N. Korea Border

S. Korea Fires Shots Near N. Korea BorderS. Korea Fires Shots Near N. Korea Border

South Korean troops fired warning shots Monday after North Korean soldiers came too close to the border, defense officials in Seoul said.

About 10 North Korean soldiers retreated without returning fire after South Korean troops fired 20 rounds of warning shots, the officials said on the condition of anonymity, which is in line with office policy. There weren’t reports of casualties, according to AP.

The incident happened near the military demarcation line inside the four-kilometer-wide (2.5-mile-wide) Demilitarized Zone that was created when Korean War ended in an armistice.

Tensions between the Koreas remain high following two incidents last month involving exchanges of gunfire. No casualties were reported in either incident.

North Korea recently demanded that South Korea ban activists from launching the anti-Pyongyang leaflets. South Korea has said it can’t do so, citing freedom of speech.