Support for Brexit Rising

Support for Brexit Rising
Support for Brexit Rising

Britain's "Leave" campaign opened up a seven-point lead over "Remain" ahead of a referendum on membership of the European Union, an opinion poll showed late Monday, while the nation's biggest-selling newspaper urged readers to vote to quit the bloc.

The result of the June 23 referendum will have far-reaching consequences for politics, the economy, defense, migration and diplomacy in Britain and elsewhere, Reuters reported.

Recent polls are suggesting that momentum has swung towards the "Leave" camp, or a so-called Brexit, unsettling investors. "Leave" in recent days has focused its campaign on the issue of immigration, Reuters reported.

According to the YouGov poll for The Times, "Leave" held 46% support compared with 39% support for "Remain". Undecided voters were 11%, while 4% won't vote.

Last Monday The Times/YouGov had reported a 1% lead for the "Remain" campaign. In another, though not unexpected, boost for "Leave," media tycoon Rupert Murdoch's Sun newspaper called on its readers to vote to quit the 28-member EU.

"The Sun urges everyone to vote Leave. We must set ourselves free from dictatorial Brussels," said the tabloid, which has a circulation of 1.7 million.