Peru’s Fujimori Admits Election Defeat

Peru’s Fujimori Admits Election DefeatPeru’s Fujimori Admits Election Defeat

Keiko Fujimori conceded defeat on Friday to Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in Peru’s tightest presidential election in decades, but she warned that her rightwing populist party would be a force of opposition during his term.

Fujimori, the 41-year-old daughter of Peru’s jailed ex-authoritarian President Alberto Fujimori, said the centrist former investment banker Kuczynski had only scraped together a narrow victory with the support of “promoters of hate”, Reuters reported

“We wish much luck to Mr. Kuczynski and his campaign friends who will accordingly be his allies in government,” Fujimori said, flanked by the dozens of incoming lawmakers who will give her Popular Force party a solid majority in the next Congress.

“The people have tasked Popular Force with being the opposition,” Fujimori said. “Rest assured, we will not fail.”

Fujimori has not yet congratulated Kuczynski in person after the election as per Peruvian tradition.

The speech, Fujimori’s first since Sunday’s election after a vote-count dragged on for days, laid bare the hostilities that could block Kuczynski’s proposals to lower sales taxes and give rebates to companies that reinvest their profits.

Fujimori had been the favorite to win the election just two weeks ago, but Kuczynski made a late surge after picking up an endorsement from a leftist rival and stepping up attacks as Fujimori was stung by scandals involving her close advisers.