Iraqi Forces Discover Mass Grave in Fallujah

Iraqi Forces Discover Mass Grave in FallujahIraqi Forces Discover Mass Grave in Fallujah

The self-styled Islamic State militant group has "shot and killed" civilians fleeing Fallujah, said the Norwegian Refugee Council.

Around 50,000 civilians are trapped in the city center, according to Iraqi officials.

Iraqi forces on Sunday discovered a mass grave containing the remains of approximately 400 people near the city of Fallujah, where government troops launched an offensive against the IS, AFP reported.

"The security forces of the federal police, the army and the Hashed al-Shaabi (militia) found a mass grave in the Shuhada neighborhood during a mine clearing operation," a police colonel in the Anbar Province, where Fallujah is located, told Reuters.

"The mass grave contains about 400 bodies of members of the (Iraqi) military. There are also some civilians," the colonel said on condition of anonymity.

Rajeh Barakat, a member of the Anbar provincial council, also confirmed the discovery, saying the civilians were executed by the militant group "on various charges, such as spying or breaking the organization's rules".