Anti-Gov’t Protests Held in Chile

Anti-Gov’t Protests  Held in ChileAnti-Gov’t Protests  Held in Chile

Demonstrators took to the streets of Valparaiso during the president’s annual address to the nation. One person died in the ensuing violence. An elderly guard was killed in Chile on Saturday after violence erupted during protests staged during President Michelle Bachelet’s speech to Congress. Government officials condemned the death of Eduardo Lara, 71, who was killed after what initially began as a peaceful demonstration in the country’s second-largest city, Valparaiso, AFP reported. “Our condolences go to the family of Eduardo Lara. We reject, condemn and are overwhelmed by the fact that the demonstrations ended in the death of a worker,” said a government spokesperson. Masked protestors reportedly started throwing rocks at police and setting fire to buildings, some of which burned for hours after the protests had ended. Demonstrators have historically taken to the streets each year during the annual speech. Bachelet was elected in December 2013 on a platform of emphasizing economic growth and government reforms, but her reputation has been stained by a sluggish recovery and an ongoing corruption scandal.