Panama Papers Source Breaks Silence

Panama Papers Source Breaks SilencePanama Papers Source Breaks Silence

The anonymous source behind the leak of the Panama Papers has spoken for the first time, offering to help law authorities make prosecutions in return for immunity.

In a 1,800-word statement, “John Doe” reveals he has never worked for a spy agency or a government. He starts the statement by citing “income equality” as a motive.

The Panama Papers have shown how some wealthy people use offshore firms to evade tax and avoid sanctions. The papers belonged to the Mossack Fonseca law firm. It denies any wrongdoing and says it is the victim of a hack, BBC reported.

The papers were investigated by hundreds of investigative journalists, including from the BBC, who worked in secret with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists for months. The documents have revealed the hidden assets of hundreds of politicians, officials, current and former national leaders, celebrities and sports stars. They list more than 200,000 shell companies, foundations and trusts set up in tax havens around the world.

The John Doe statement came shortly before US President Barack Obama delivered an address on the economy, in which he cited the Panama Papers as highlighting the problem of corruption and tax evasion. Although the name John Doe is used, the gender of the source has not been revealed.

In the statement, The Revolution Will Be Digitized, John Doe starts by saying: “Income equality is one of the defining issues of our time. “Banks, financial regulators and tax authorities have failed. Decisions have been made that have spared the wealthy while focusing instead on reining in middle- and low-income citizens.