Trump, Clinton Vie for North-East

Trump, Clinton Vie for North-EastTrump, Clinton Vie for North-East

Democrat Clinton and Republican Trump hold sizable leads in all five contests, according to recent polling.

Trump’s rivals have already shifted focus away from the north-east. Ted Cruz and John Kasich have teamed up to help each other in the Indiana, Oregon and New Mexico primaries. Trump has condemned their pact as a sign of weakness and desperation.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are poised for a dominating showing in one of the last multi-state primary days of the 2016 presidential campaign, BBC reported.

Last week in New York, the two frontrunners reasserted themselves after a string of stumbles both at the ballot boxes and in the headlines. This week they could consolidate their position at the top, or more.

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Democrat Clinton does not have the nomination sewn up by Wednesday morning. She is in Philadelphia on Tuesday and might want to check out hotel suites near the site of July’s Democratic National Convention.

Republican Trump’s path to his party’s nomination remains more uncertain, but a strong result on Tuesday will edge him ever closer to the magic 1,237-delegate mark and make wresting the prize from his grasp all the more difficult.

It looks like Trump’s poor showing in Wisconsin three weeks ago was just a blip and not evidence of a campaign in decline. It proved that if the political stars aligned—united Republican opposition, a hostile local media and a string of missteps by the Trump team—the New Yorker is beatable. To the despair of the #NeverTrump forces, however, those circumstances may not appear again.