Austrians Vote for New President

Austrians Vote  for New PresidentAustrians Vote  for New President

The outcome is unclear as Austrians vote for their next president. But one thing is nearly certain: For the first time, the winner is unlikely to be a candidate supported by either of the two mainstream parties that have dominated politics since World War II. Voting began on Sunday with the latest polls showing support of 11-15% for contenders backed by the Social Democrats and the centrist People’s Party, AP reported. That’s well below the 21-24% of voters who support Norbert Hofer of the anti-immigrant Freedom Party and Alexander Van der Bellen and Irgmard Griss, who are running as independents. No candidate is expected to get a majority on Sunday and a runoff will likely be necessary on May 22. That is expected to pit Hofer against Van der Bellen or Griss.