Japan Twin Quakes Toll Rises to 45

Japan Twin Quakes Toll  Rises to 45Japan Twin Quakes Toll  Rises to 45

Searchers digging in a mountainous area of southern Japan where twin earthquakes triggered landslides found another body on Tuesday, raising the likely death toll to 45. Some 100,000 evacuees, some sleeping outdoors or in their cars, endured chilly weather and another large aftershock overnight that hit the southern island of Kyushu, near the city of Kumamoto, AP reported. Two other bodies were found late Monday. At least one appeared to be among the nine reported missing near the town of Minamiaso, according to Japanese media reports. The official death toll stood at 44, awaiting confirmation of the latest death. After daybreak, Japanese broadcaster NHK showed people squatting at the curbside outside an evacuation center to brush their teeth with water from a green garden hose. The temperature was forecast to rise to 23 degrees Celsius during the day, but fall to 8 degrees Tuesday night. Food and water shortages are plaguing the recovery effort, even as the search for the missing goes on in Minamiaso.