Amsterdam Airport Clear After Bomb Scare

Amsterdam Airport Clear After Bomb ScareAmsterdam Airport Clear After Bomb Scare

Amsterdam’s Schiphol was partially evacuated late Tuesday following a bomb scare. One man was arrested but no explosives were found. Heavily-armed police wearing ski masks closed off part of Amsterdam’s main airport late Tuesday night and one man was arrested after a report of what police described as a “suspicious situation”, DPA reported. Explosive experts were deployed to check the man’s luggage, but no bomb was found. The unidentified man remains in custody and is being questioned, police said. Scores of passengers were stuck at the airport and unable to reach their cars. The airport said flights were unaffected and transportation to and from the airport was still running. The Netherlands has been on high alert since the terrorist attacks in Brussels last month, with Dutch counter-terrorism officials boosting security at national airports and tightening controls on the southern border with Belgium.