Clinton-Sanders Tensions Escalate

Clinton-Sanders Tensions Escalate Clinton-Sanders Tensions Escalate

Hillary Clinton has dismissed as “ridiculous” a charge by Bernie Sanders that she is “unqualified” to be president, as tensions rise in the Democratic race.The Vermont senator stood by his comments, pointing to her Wall Street links and her vote for the war in Iraq.He said she started the latest war of words by attacking him first.The two candidates will do battle in a New York showdown in two weeks, a state where both have strong links, BBC reported.There is much at stake, as the former secretary of state tries to stem the momentum of the self-described democratic socialist, who has a string of wins behind him.Sanders beat Clinton in the Wisconsin primary contest on Tuesday and could pick up more delegates in Wyoming on Saturday before the greater prize of New York is up for grabs.With what could be a decisive New York primary less than two weeks away, the battle lines are clearly forming and the rhetoric is only just starting to heat up.