Erdogan Wants Citizenship Crackdown

Erdogan Wants Citizenship CrackdownErdogan Wants Citizenship Crackdown

Turkey should consider stripping terrorism supporters of their citizenship, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. The government had "nothing to discuss with terrorists", he added, speaking to a group of lawyers in Ankara.

On Monday Erdogan ruled out reviving peace talks with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

A ceasefire between the Turkish government and the PKK collapsed in July, BBC reported.

"These people don't deserve to be our citizens. We are not obliged to carry anyone engaged in the betrayal of their state and their people," Erdogan said.

The Turkish president also vowed to stamp out the conflict in Turkey's mainly Kurdish southeast once and for all.

The region has suffered its worst violence in more than two decades after a truce agreed in 2013 collapsed last summer.

Erdogan said last week that 355 members of the security forces and more than 5,000 PKK members had been killed in fighting.

Meanwhile two deadly bomb attacks in Ankara have been claimed by Kurdish rebels.