Islamist-Backed NSG Steps Down in Libya

Islamist-Backed NSG Steps Down in Libya Islamist-Backed NSG Steps Down in Libya

The Islamist-backed government has taken the decision to “put the interests of the nation above anything else”. But the UN envoy to Libya said “deeds must follow words” after visiting the nation’s capital.

The self-declared National Salvation Government (NSG), which is based in Tripoli, announced on Tuesday it would cease operations days after a UN-backed national unity government arrived in Libya.

“We inform you that we are stopping our work as an executive power, as the presidency, members of parliament and ministers of the government,” the NSG said in a statement posted on the justice ministry’s website, AP reported.

“We put the interests of the nation above anything else and stress that the bloodshed stop and the nation be saved from division and fragmentation,” the statement added.

Last week, UN-backed prime minister-designate, Fayez Serraj, arrived by ship in the Libyan capital after the Islamist-backed Tripoli authorities denied him access to Libyan airspace.

Serraj, along with members of the unity government, has been operating out of a naval base in Libya since he arrived among Libya’s various factions.

UN envoy to Libya Martin Kobler hailed the NSG’s decision after visiting the nation’s capital on Thursday.

“Back from an intense day in Tripoli, I found the news of the Tripoli government to hand over power to the GNA. Good news. Now deeds must follow words,” Kobler said in a tweet, referring to the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA).

Libya descended into chaos following the ouster of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, with several warring factions vying for power, eventually giving rise to the self-styled  Islamic State terrorist group in the North African country.