Belgium Agrees to Abdeslam Extradition

Belgium Agrees to Abdeslam ExtraditionBelgium Agrees to Abdeslam Extradition

A Brussels court has agreed to send Salah Abdeslam, thought to be the sole surviving Paris attacker, to France. Abdeslam, a Molenbeek resident, also appears to have had links to the Brussels attackers, DW reported. “As Abdeslam had declared to agree to be transferred to France, a federal magistrate took his formal declaration today, as prescribed by law,” the statement said. “For this reason, the session of the pretrial chamber was no longer an issue. The transfer is possible.” Cedric Moisse, one of Abdeslam’s lawyers, told reporters in Brussels earlier on Thursday that the Paris attacks suspect would welcome extradition to France. “I confirm to you that Salah Abdeslam wishes to be sent to French authorities,” Moisse said. “He is in favor of executing the European arrest warrant and I can also confirm to you that he wants to cooperate with the French authorities.” A European arrest warrant is effectively a quicker and simpler form of extradition that is possible between EU members. Abdeslam’s legal team had said last week that their client was ready to cooperate with France—a sharp turnaround from his initial plans to fight the process.