Houthis Give President 10 Days to Form Gov’t

Houthis Give President 10 Days to Form Gov’tHouthis Give President 10 Days to Form Gov’t

Houthi rebels set an ultimatum on Friday for Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to form a government in 10 days or face “other options”, raising the tension in a political standoff that has crippled the country.

Once a religious movement in the north seeking greater autonomy, the Houthis have in recent months become Yemen’s power-brokers and sent their militiamen into the west and center of the country, according to Reuters.

They captured the capital Sanaa on Sept. 21, following weeks of anti-government unrest.

A power-sharing accord was signed last month aimed at bringing the Houthis into government. When a new administration is nominated, the Houthis are meant to withdraw their forces from the city.

On Friday, Houthi leaders delivered a statement after a meeting of some 2,000 Houthi supporters in Sanaa. It threatened unspecified “other options” unless Hadi met the deadline.

“The president has 10 days as a final chance to form the government. Otherwise, our next meeting will be at the headquarters of decision-making,” said tribesman Daifallah Rassam, without elaborating.