Republicans Call for Deserting Trump

Republicans Call for Deserting Trump
Republicans Call for Deserting Trump

Presidential contender Donald Trump has come under attack from his rivals at a Republican debate, after a day in which the party’s veteran politicians urged voters to desert him.

The frontrunner in the Republican race was on the defensive in Detroit as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz piled in.

In a testy debate, Trump admitted he had changed his stance on issues but said flexibility was a strength, BBC reported.

Senior Republicans say Trump is a liability who would lose the election.

The debate hosted by Fox News began with Trump being asked about an attack earlier in the day by Mitt Romney, the 2012 nominee, who accused the businessman of bullying, greed and misogyny.

Trump dismissed Romney as a “failed candidate”, but he immediately found himself on the defensive from Rubio.

The Florida senator said he was “not going to turn over the conservative movement to someone who thinks the nuclear triad is a rock band from the 1980s”.

Trump was pressed to move his clothing manufacturing back to the US from China and Mexico.

Using a big screen with graphics, Fox host Chris Wallace challenged Trump on whether his planned savings added up.

Texas Senator Cruz said Trump was part of a corrupt Washington system, funding Clinton’s 2008 election campaign.

Trump justified waterboarding of “animals in the Middle East” and the killing of the families of terrorists. But he dodged demands to allow the New York Times to release tapes of an “off the record” conversation.

In one of the most bizarre moments, Trump defended the size of his hands and then quipped about another part of his anatomy.

There were plenty of personal insults from Trump, who labelled the Florida senator “little Rubio” and the senator from Texas as “liar Ted”.