Passports From IS Areas Invalid

Passports From IS Areas InvalidPassports From IS Areas Invalid

The German Interior Ministry has confirmed travel documents issued from territory controlled by the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group are no longer valid forms of ID. Nearly three quarters of migrants arriving in Germany in 2015 had no documents. The measure went into effect in December as concern mounted that IS had taken over public administrative functions and obtained vast quantities of blank documents, DPA reported. The rule impacts both Iraqis and Syrians who possess travel documents issued after January 1, 2015 in territory controlled by IS in Syria and in Iraq, the Interior Ministry said, confirming a report in the German weekly “Der Spiegel”. Europe has been on high alert for militants disguised as refugees using false documents following last November’s Paris terror attacks, in which Syrian passports were found on the bodies of two men. The black market for Syrian passports remains rife. Passport holders from IS-controlled areas will still be able to apply for asylum in Germany, but similar to other refugees must prove their identity and country of citizenship.