Swedish Prosecutor Prepares New Assange Interview Request

Swedish Prosecutor Prepares New Assange Interview RequestSwedish Prosecutor Prepares New Assange Interview Request

Sweden’s chief prosecutor said she would file a new request to interview Julian Assange after Ecuador rejected a previous one. The move comes after an expert UN panel said the Wikileaks founder had been arbitrarily detained.

Sweden’s chief prosecutor Marianne Ny said on Tuesday that she is preparing a new application to interrogate Wikileaks founder Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London over allegations he committed rape in 2010, an accusation he denies, AFP reported.

“The prosecutor in charge, chief prosecutor Marianne Ny, is currently working on a new application to interview Julian Assange in Ecuador’s embassy in London,” said a statement from the Swedish prosecution authority.

In January, Ecuador rejected “on formal grounds” Sweden’s request to interview Assange, asking the Scandinavian country to resubmit its request.

Assange has previously stated that he is willing to meet with authorities to answer their questions at Ecuador’s embassy in London, where he’s been holed up since 2012, avoiding extradition orders to send him to Stockholm.