Haiti’s Leader Vows to Leave Power

Haiti’s Leader Vows to Leave Power Haiti’s Leader Vows to Leave Power

Haiti’s president promised on Thursday to leave power in three days’ time despite having no replacement after a botched election, as opposition protests intensified and politicians squabbled over who should lead an interim government. President Michel Martelly had earlier warned he would not step aside without an established succession plan, enraging protesters who have marched almost daily in the capital Port-au-Prince over the past two weeks, Reuters reported. Haiti’s constitution requires Martelly to leave office on Feb. 7, but runoff elections to choose the next president were canceled last month when opposition candidate Jude Celestin threatened to boycott the vote and protests turned violent. Martelly’s departure should placate opposition parties who accuse him of trying to unfairly favor his preferred candidate, Jovenel Moise, in the elections but could leave a power vacuum in the poor, volatile Caribbean nation. The president denies any wrongdoing. An official, independent evaluation of the election found the first round of voting was flawed and questioned the registration of more than 900,000 party agents who were able to vote at any polling station.