UN Calls for Madaya Evacuation

UN Calls for Madaya EvacuationUN Calls for Madaya Evacuation

The UN said on Monday the situation in Madaya was desperate with hundreds of people in need of immediate evacuation. The same day aid trucks carrying food and medical supplies arrived in the besieged rebel-held Syrian town.

UN ambassadors met at a closed-door meeting to discuss the situation. According to US Ambassador Samantha Power, over 400 people “are on the brink of death and in need of immediate medical evacuation”.

The UN has reportedly appealed to the Syrian government to allow for their evacuation, DPA reported.

A convoy of aid trucks arrived in Madaya, Foua and Kfarya on Monday to deliver much-needed supplies like infant formula, blankets and medicine to the desperate people. Yet Power emphasized that more had to be done. Forty-four trucks entered Madaya carrying one month’s worth of food for over 40,000 people.

“It’s really heartbreaking to see the situation of the people,” said Red Cross spokesman Pawel Krzysiek. He said a little girl approached him upon his arrival and asked, “Did you bring food?”

The situation has been so desperate that the people have been forced to live off grass and water. There were even reports of hungry people killing and eating cats to stay alive.