Putin Wants Global Effort Against Terror

Putin Wants Global Effort Against TerrorPutin Wants Global Effort Against Terror

Russia wants to fight terrorism jointly with the rest of the world, President Vladimir Putin said in an interview published on Monday, while again accusing the West of exacerbating international crises that had contributed to it.

"We are faced with common threats, and we still want all countries, both in Europe and the whole world, to join their efforts to combat these threats and we are still striving for this," Putin said in a wide-ranging interview with Germany's Bild newspaper, Reuters reported.

"I refer not only to terrorism, but also to crime, trafficking in persons, environmental protection, and many other common challenges," he said.

"Yet this does not mean that it is us who should agree with everything that others decide on these or other matters."

Russia's air force is attacking targets in Syria and Moscow says it aims to undermine Islamic State, which has been joined by thousands of Russian citizens and now poses a serious threat to national security. The group claimed responsibility for downing a Russian airliner over Egypt in October, killing 224 people. Russia has not joined a US-led coalition carrying out strikes on IS in Syria and Iraq.