French Voters not Backing Hollande for 2017

French Voters not Backing Hollande for 2017French Voters not Backing Hollande for 2017

Eight French voters out of 10 would not support French President Francois Hollande's candidacy to seek a second mandate in 2017, a survey showed on Saturday, Xinhua reported.

According to Odoxa poll published in the daily Le Parisien, the current occupant of the Elysee Palace collected just 15 percent of favorable vote. In the left-wing parties, 28 percent of respondents want him to run for 2017 presidential race.

Last April, the French head of state said he will not run for a second term if he won't deliver on the pledge to reverse a long-running rise in unemployment.

With only 13 percent of people satisfied with his policy, Hollande is one of the lowest supported leaders compared to his predecessors at the same point in their terms as unemployment continued to grow and economy is in tatters.

"More there are jobseekers, lower will be Hollande's popularity and he will be judged only on his ability to create more posts and satisfy the growing job demands," Eric Bonnet, director of studies at BVA Opinion told Xinhua in an earlier interview.

France's prime minister placed himself as a frontrunner to challenge its unpopular president as he called for the country's Left to reinvent itself or die.

Manuel Valls recently accused the French left of being 'backward looking' and attached to a 'bygone' past.

His comments come after Hollande slapped down Valls' apparent presidential ambitions.

'One can succeed in life without becoming president,' Hollande was quoted by Bloomberg as saying at a traditional ceremony in which French presidents honour their PMs after six months in office.

The barb, which came soon after Hollande rejected Valls' proposal to reform unemployment benefits, was seen in French media as an intensification of the battle at the top level of French politics.