Saudi Coalition Ends Yemen Ceasefire

Saudi Coalition Ends Yemen CeasefireSaudi Coalition Ends Yemen Ceasefire

A Saudi coalition that has been bombing the Houthi movement in Yemen for nine months announced on Saturday the end of a ceasefire that began on Dec. 15, in a setback to attempts to end the conflict, the Saudi state news agency SPA said. The ceasefire began in tandem with peace talks sponsored by the United Nations, but it was repeatedly violated by both sides. Nearly 6,000 people have been killed since the Saudi coalition entered the conflict in March, almost half of them civilians, Reuters reported. The coalition began its military campaign to prevent the Houthis from taking complete control of Yemen after seizing much of the north last year. The Houthis accuse the coalition of launching a war of aggression. The UN talks have failed to find a political solution that would end the conflict. Negotiations are set to resume on Jan. 14. It is unclear whether the resumption of full-scale fighting will scupper the peace process.