Old Regime Protégés in Tunisia Elections

Old Regime Protégés in Tunisia ElectionsOld Regime Protégés in Tunisia Elections

As Tunisia votes in key parliamentary and presidential elections, former members of the Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali regime look to make a political comeback, the AFP reported.

Sunday’s parliamentary elections, to be followed by presidential elections next month, are seen as a vital test of Tunisia’s transition towards democracy following the 2011 uprising that saw former president Ben Ali and his entourage flee to Saudi Arabia.

His disbanded RDC party has since reemerged as the Initiative Party, led by Kamel Morjane, former defense and foreign minister under Ben Ali, and will be among those competing for seats in the 217-member assembly in Sunday’s vote.

Former Ben Ali regime stalwarts are also among the presidential candidates. They argue they are the ones with the knowhow to run the country, though their opponents say they have no place in a democratic Tunisia. The upcoming elections will reveal whether or not the public agrees.