Man Found Alive in China Landslide

Man Found Alive in China LandslideMan Found Alive in China Landslide

A man has been found alive after being buried in rubble for more than two days in Shenzhen. More than 50 people are still missing following a landslide in the Chinese industrial city.

A 19-year-old migrant worker was pulled out alive on Wednesday after spending nearly 70 hours buried in the wreckage following a devastating landslide that occurred in the southern Chinese city.

The man, Tian Zeming, is from the southwestern city of Chongqing and is currently in stable condition. A relief worker told a press conference after the rescue that Tian was being treated for a broken hand and injured foot.

Tian said another person had been buried beneath him and doctors later confirmed that the second person had not survived, DPA reported.

The landslide occurred in Shenzhen’s Liuxi Industrial Park on Sunday and buried more than 30 buildings and left some 70 people missing. More than 4,000 rescue workers were digging up 16 different locations. A 72-hour “survivor window” expires on Wednesday, according to authorities.

The government is also investigating a dump site company called Shenzhen Yixianglong Investment and Development, which managed the waste dump that collapsed, causing the deadly landslide.

One government report found the dump site to be unstable as early as January, and warned of a pending “catastrophe”.