Friend of California Shooter Is Charged

Friend of California Shooter Is ChargedFriend of California Shooter Is Charged

A friend of one of the San Bernardino attackers has been charged in connection with the mass shooting that killed 14. Enrique Marquez, 24, is the first person arrested over the deadliest terrorist attack in the US since 9/11. He is charged with plotting with gunman Syed Farook to attack a university in 2011 and 2012. Marquez is also accused of illegally purchasing the two rifles that were used by Farook and Tashfeen Malik, BBC reported. “While there is currently no evidence that Marquez participated in the December 2 attack or had advance knowledge of it, his prior purchase of firearms and ongoing failure to warn authorities about Farook’s intent to commit mass murder had fatal consequences,” US Attorney Eileen Decker said. According to the criminal complaint, Marquez called emergency services hours after the San Bernardino shooting and told the dispatcher that the attackers “used my gun”. The charges against Enrique Marquez provide a chilling glimpse into an alleged terrorist cell on American soil.