Santos Hails Farc War Victims Reparation Deal

Santos Hails Farc War Victims Reparation DealSantos Hails Farc War Victims Reparation Deal

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos has said an agreement signed with Farc rebels on reparations and justice for victims of the country’s civil war is an “important step” towards peace.

Santos said Colombia was on track to meet a deadline set for 23 March next year for ending the conflict. The deal offers an amnesty for all but the most serious crimes, BBC reported. An estimated 220,000 people have been killed as a result of the five-decades long war.

The Colombian leader said the two sides had tackled “one of the most sensitive and complex points of the peace talks” in the latest agreement. Under the deal, special tribunals will be created to try former combatants, once a final peace deal is signed.

“2016 will be the year that Colombia sees a new dawn,” said Santos.

“The dawning of a country without war, in hopefully a united country that can move towards its maximum potential... The hour of peace has arrived in Colombia.”

Chief Farc negotiator Ivan Marquez said the agreement showed reconciliation was possible.

The Farc is the largest of Colombia’s left-wing rebel groups, founded in 1964 to overthrow the government and install a Marxist regime.