2 Syrians Arrested in Geneva Terror Hunt

2 Syrians Arrested in Geneva Terror Hunt2 Syrians Arrested in Geneva Terror Hunt

Swiss prosecutors say they have opened proceedings against two Syrians on suspicion of the “manufacture, concealment and transport of explosives and toxic gases”. A car was stopped in Geneva on Friday on a road leading to neighboring France.  The two were also accused of violating bans on militant groups such as Al-Qaeda and the self-declared Islamic State terrorist group, AP reported.

The identities of the Syrians were not revealed. Geneva prosecutor Olivier Jornot said they had not been clearly linked with four suspected militants sought by Swiss authorities since Wednesday.

The prosecutor told a news conference Saturday that the two men, who spoke Arabic, had Syrian passports and had only recently come to Switzerland.

Geneva is home to the European headquarters of the United Nations. The city, on the shores of the large Lake Geneva, is almost entirely enclosed by France.

The pair were arrested in conjunction with “a second criminal proceeding concerning a terror alert in the area of greater Geneva.”

The photographs of four individuals suspected of having links to IS were published by media across Switzerland on Saturday. Geneva authorities said that the search for possible extremists was being conducted “in the context of the investigation following the Paris attacks”.