4 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Blast

4 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Blast4 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Blast

At least four Afghan soldiers were killed, and around a dozen people including six civilians wounded after a roadside bomb planted by the Taliban exploded in the Afghan capital on Tuesday, officials said.

The blast, caused by a remote-controlled bomb, targeted an Afghan army bus at around 06:45 am (0215 GMT) in the western part of Kabul, the AFP quoted the Ministry of Defense as saying.

“In a remote-controlled bomb attack against an army bus at 6:45 am in Aqa Ali Shams in Kabul, four army personnel were killed and 12 wounded, including six civilians,” the ministry said in a statement.

The Taliban, who have this year stepped up their attacks against the Afghan security forces, claimed responsibility via their official Twitter account.

The US military estimated this month that 7,000-9,000 Afghan police or troops had been killed or wounded so far this year.