Putin Urges Unity Against Terror

Putin Urges Unity Against TerrorPutin Urges Unity Against Terror

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday said the world would only be able to confront the threat of global terror if it united its efforts against the threat.

“We will only be able to deal with the terrorist threat ... if all the international community unites its efforts,” said Putin after a meeting of leaders of top emerging economies ahead of the G20 Summit in the Turkish resort of Antalya, AFP reported. Also in a telegram to French President Francois Hollande, Putin said the attacks were “the latest testimonial to the barbaric essence of terrorism which throws down a challenge to human civilization”.

“It’s obvious that an effective fight against this evil demands a real unity of the forces of the international community. I would like to confirm the readiness of Russia for the closest cooperation with our French partners in investigating the crime that took place in Paris”.