ICRC: Saudis “Deliberately” Hit Yemen Hospitals

ICRC: Saudis “Deliberately” Hit Yemen HospitalsICRC: Saudis “Deliberately” Hit Yemen Hospitals

Medical facilities in war-torn Yemen are being “deliberately” attacked, with some 100 incidents reported since the Saudi-led coalition began airstrikes in March, the International Committee of the Red Cross said, calling on all sides to cease hostilities.

“Close to a hundred ... incidents have been reported since March 2015,” the committee said in a statement, condemning the shelling of the Al-Thawra medical hospital in Taez on Sunday.

According to the NGO, one of the city’s main hospitals that catered for around 50 patients was reportedly shelled several times, RT reported.

“The shelling endangered the lives of patients and staff on site,” said the ICRC deputy head in Yemen, Kedir Awol Omar.

Sunday’s incident comes weeks after the Medecins Sans Frontieres hospital in Saada was hit by Saudi Arabian airstrikes.

ICRC said these attacks were “deliberate” and in “flagrant violation” of the international law.

“Health facilities are deliberately attacked and surgical and medical supplies are also being blocked from reaching hospitals in areas under siege,” said Omar.

The ICRC said it has tried to get medical supplies to Taez for nearly two months, “but to no avail”.

Taez, the third largest city in Yemen, became the center for Saudi-led coalition’s bombardment as heavy fighting continues in recent weeks between forces loyal to exiled president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and Houthi fighters along with their ally, the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.