Cameron to Voice EU Reform Demands

Cameron to Voice EU Reform Demands Cameron to Voice EU Reform Demands

British Prime Minister David Cameron will send European Council President Donald Tusk a letter laying out EU reform requirements on Tuesday, in a formal beginning of a campaign to renegotiate the United Kingdom’s EU membership, local media reported.

“I do not deny that seeking changes which require the agreement of 27 other democracies, all with their own concerns, is a big task. But an impossible one? I do not believe so for a minute,” Cameron is set to say in his upcoming speech in London, coinciding with submitting the letter to the European Council, as quoted by the ITV television channel, Sputnik reported.

Cameron is expected to call for curbs on freedom of movement to better ease the EU migrant crisis, as well as measures to protect the UK economic market and exempt the country from an “ever closer union” with the bloc.

UK citizens are set to vote in a referendum by the end of 2017 on Britain’s exit from the European Union, as promised by Cameron during his pre-election campaign.