Relief Arrives for Cyclone-Hit Yemen

Relief Arrives for Cyclone-Hit YemenRelief Arrives for Cyclone-Hit Yemen

Relief aid started to be flown into Yemen on Wednesday as a rare tropical cyclone eased into a depression after wreaking havoc in parts of the war-torn country.

Cyclone Chapala weakened after making landfall Tuesday in mainland Yemen. The cyclone first hit the remote Yemeni island of Socotra on Monday, killing three people and displacing thousands. Socotra is located 350 kilometers off the Yemeni mainland, ABC News reported.  

Also more than 200 people were injured and dozens of houses severely damaged or washed away when Chapala hit Socotra, said Salem Zaher, mayor of the island's main district Hadibo.

In Mukalla which is a main sea port and the provincial capital of Hadramawt in southeast Yemen water submerged cars on city streets and caused dozens of families to flee to a hospital for fear of rock slides.

Mukalla is controlled by militants from al-Qaeda since April and residents warned it was ill-equipped to deal with a disaster.

The UN's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has cited reports of three fatalities and hundreds injured in Yemen due to the cyclone.

Three military planes sent by Oman landed in Socotra with 54 tons of food and medicine.