Turkish Police Detain 30 Suspected IS Members

Turkish Police Detain 30 Suspected IS MembersTurkish Police Detain 30 Suspected IS Members

Turkish police detained about 30 people on Tuesday in a raid against suspected Islamic State militants in the central city of Konya.

The sweep comes a day after police launched a series of operations against Islamic State groups, including a raid on more than a dozen houses in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir, the Dogan news agency reported.

Seven militants were killed and 12 more were captured in that operation.

Turkish authorities have extended operations into suspected Islamic State cells after a double suicide bombing in Ankara that killed more than 100 people, the worst attack of its kind in Turkey’s modern history, was blamed on the militant group.

Last week, President Tayyip Erdogan accused Syrian intelligence and Kurdish militants, not only Islamic State, of being behind the attack on a rally of pro-Kurdish activists and civic groups.