Afghan Army Kills 23 Militants

Afghan Army Kills 23 Militants Afghan Army Kills 23 Militants

Afghanistan’s armed forces have killed at least 23 Taliban members during a military operation in the northern Kunduz Province, local media reported Monday, citing officials.

According to the TOLO News television network, 11 extremist militants were injured in the Tofan-e-Daham (Tenth Storm) operation in the province’s Khan Abad district, Sputnik reported.

In addition, five Taliban radicals were detained, Ghulaam Hazrat Karimi, a spokesman for the military forces in Kunduz, said, adding that the operation was continuing.

“Sixteen vehicles belonging to insurgents, including two police vehicles, which were stolen by them, were also destroyed in an air operation by military forces,” Karimi was quoted as saying by the news outlet.

The Taliban is a militant group founded in the 1990s seeking to impose Sharia law in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The group is famous for its multiple deadly terrorist attacks against authorities and civilians.