Argentina Votes for President

Argentina Votes for PresidentArgentina Votes for President

Voters in Argentina headed to the polls Sunday to choose their next president in an election that will bring an end to 12 years of government under couple Nestor and Cristina Kirchner.

Their heir apparent, Buenos Aires provincial Governor Daniel Scioli, is poised to win but may undo parts of their controversial legacy, AFP reported.

The frontrunner has vowed to uphold the core elements of "kirchnerism," a populist creed built around trade protectionism, social welfare and defense of the working classes.

But the 58-year-old has also vowed a change in style to attract more investment and increase productivity and has assembled an economic team of free-marketeers.

His top rival is Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri, the candidate of Argentines fed up with what they see as the Kirchners' heavy-handed economic policy and belligerent politics.

Macri, 56, rose to prominence as the boss of Argentina's most popular football club, Boca Juniors, which won a string of titles under his reign.

Under Argentine electoral law, in order to win outright in the first round, a candidate must claim more than 45% of the vote, or at least 40% with a margin of 10 points over the runner-up. Opinion polls have put Scioli at about 40% with Macri at around 30%.