Russia Calls for Fairer UN

Russia Calls for Fairer UN
Russia Calls for Fairer UN

Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations has accused the US, the UK and France of “usurping” top UN positions.

Vitaly Churkin also slammed the US for abusing its powers as the UN’s host country, including showing indiscriminate bias in issuing visas.

“It can’t be considered normal when you have a situation with three highest positions–undersecretaries-General of peacekeeping, political, and humanitarian affairs–virtually usurped by three countries,” Churkin said during a speech at the UN Security Council.

The envoy has called for making the UN fairer by rotating the key posts between all member states, including the position of the UN secretary-general. The current chief, Ban Ki-moon, will be stepping down at the end of 2016, RT reported.

The permanent undersecretary-general for peacekeeping operations has traditionally been a representative from France, with the position currently occupied by Herve Ladsous. The political affairs post has usually been taken by the US, now under Jeffrey Feltman’s supervision, and the humanitarian affairs position has always been assigned to British representatives, at present Valerie Amos.

The Russian envoy added that the UN resolution process has been suffering due to some UNSC member states resorting to sanctions before first examining peaceful solutions.

“The effectiveness of such decisions leaves a lot to be desired. Often they lead to just making the crises even worse,” Churkin said.

The Russian ambassador to the UN also slammed the US for abusing its power as the UN host country. The envoy accused the US of bias in its visa approval process and unwillingness to listen and cooperate with some of the UN requests.