Pro-Palestinian Protesters Rally Across US

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Rally Across US Pro-Palestinian Protesters Rally Across US

Thousands of people marched across the US in support of Palestinians and against Israeli use of force in the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli tensions on Sunday.

“Free Palestine,” the protesters chanted as they waved a massive Palestinian flag making their way down Manhattan to Times Square, where the crowd grew larger. Shutting down traffic, the activists took turns addressing the public, World Bulletin reported.

Hosted by NYC Students for Justice in Palestine as part of NY4Palestine wider movement, the crowd condemned Israel’s aggression in the recent violence recently on the rise across Israel, West Bank and Gaza.

Some Jewish activists joined the rally in support of the Palestinian cause and in protest to Premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies as well, arguing that Israel does not represent world Jewry.

The rally in Chicago also attracted thousands who descended on the downtown with Palestinian flags and placards denouncing Israeli aggression.

Organized by the Coalition for Justice in Palestine, activists rallied downtown near Congress and Michigan Avenue as they too demanded an end to Israeli aggression and occupation.

The protesters also spoke out against their taxes being used by the US government to support Israel. They also urged onlookers to boycott Israel and hold it responsible for what they say are numerous violations of human rights.

  Attack in Beersheva

A suspected Palestinian was shot dead in the southern Israeli city of Beersheva after he allegedly opened fire in the city’s central bus station, killing one soldier and injuring at least nine other Israelis, Israeli police said.

Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld told Ma’an that nine Israelis had been hospitalized following the attack, Ma’an reported.

He said the attacker was shot dead, although he was unable to confirm that he was Palestinian.

Rosenfeld initially said there had been two attackers, one of whom was apprehended.

Although it remained clear who the second individual was, Israeli media suggested the second man may have been an Eritrean asylum seeker.

Israeli news site Haaretz reported that the asylum seeker was shot by Israeli police after they “misidentified him as a terrorist.”

Haaretz quoted the southern district chief of police, Deputy Commissioner Yoram Levi, as saying that after killing the Israeli soldier, the attacker “took the soldier’s gun and continued shooting in the central bus station.”

“Forces in the area responded quickly. He managed to escape the central bus station but ran into forces, was shot and killed. In his belongings we found a knife and a pistol with ammunition.”

The attack follows a series of stabbing attacks that have left seven Israelis dead since the beginning of the month.

  US to Extend Military aid

Israel and the United States have resumed talks on future defense aid that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suspended in protest at the Iran nuclear deal, the Israeli ambassador to Washington said on Sunday.

The allies had been looking to agree on a 10-year aid package to extend the current US grants to Israel worth $3 billion annually, which are due to expire in 2017. But Netanyahu froze negotiations ahead of the July deal reached between Iran and world powers, which Israel deems insufficiently stringent.

The top US military officer, Marine General Joseph Dunford, arrived in Israel on Saturday for a visit that Dermer said would include military-aid discussions.

He added that Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, visiting Washington later this month, would pursue those talks, as would Netanyahu when he meets US President Barack Obama in the White House on Nov. 9.

“Israel hopes that the discussions we are now engaged in will culminate in a long-term agreement that will dramatically upgrade Israel’s ability to defend itself by itself against any threat and enable Israel to address the enormous challenges we now face in the region,” Dermer claimed.