West Endorses UN Plan for Libya

West Endorses UN Plan for LibyaWest Endorses UN Plan for Libya

France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Britain and the US have endorsed a national unity government in Libya, as proposed by the UN, to end the conflict between the two rival governments in the war-torn country.

The UN, which has been negotiating a peace agreement to form such a government, had been pushing hard for a deal before the parliament’s mandate ended on October 20 to prevent the country from falling deeper into chaos, Al Jazeera reported.

“Delays in forming a unity government will only prolong the suffering of the Libyan people and benefit terrorists seeking to take advantage of the chaos,” the nations said in a joint statement on Friday.

Libya has had rival administrations since August last year, when an alliance of militias from the city of Misrata known as Libya Dawn took over the capital, Tripoli.

“The international community will stand with the Government of National Accord as it undertakes the hard work of restoring peace and stability to Libya and will isolate those who fail to respect the political agreement,” the statement said.

It added that no arms should enter Libya except at the request of the new government in accordance with the terms of the political agreement.

The UN had proposed the national unity government on Thursday to end the conflict between the competing administrations.