Eurotunnel Services Delayed After Migrant Break-In

Eurotunnel Services Delayed  After Migrant Break-InEurotunnel Services Delayed  After Migrant Break-In

Eurotunnel and Eurostar passenger and freight services have resumed with delays after 120 migrants broke into the Calais terminal overnight.

Trains were running through just one of the two tunnels between Folkestone and Calais after fences were breached, BBC reported.

Trains stopped from 23:30 BST on Friday after staff were shoved and stones thrown when an organized group of 200 migrants tried to enter the terminal.

Security staff were overwhelmed by the “number and aggression” of the group.

A Eurotunnel spokesman said: “Services were suspended because of the very large, determined and organized group of migrants who burst through the fence and made their way to the terminal.”

He said people had gone to the end of new security fencing, installed during the summer months, and broken through older fences.

One Eurotunnel employee and two police officers were injured.

On Saturday morning, security checks for people and for damage to rails and equipment were being carried out on the second of the two channel tunnels that carry freight and passenger services.

Delays were set to continue until Eurotunnel freight and passenger and Eurostar passenger services could use both tunnels.

Eurotunnel said it would take time for services to return to the normal schedule.