Russian Airstrikes Destroy IS Centers

Russian Airstrikes Destroy IS Centers Russian Airstrikes Destroy IS Centers

Russian jets have performed 14 combat flights, conducting six pinpoint airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria on Friday, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry.

 “During the day, the Russian aviation group continued conducting pinpoint airstrikes against the infrastructure of the IS group in Syria,” Defense Ministry spokesman, Igor Konashenkov, said, RT reported.

“Su-34, Su-24-M and Su-25 planes performed 14 flights from Hmaimim air base, during which six airstrikes against IS targets were conducted,” he added.

In the town of Maarrat Al-Nuuman in Idlib province, a Su-25 attack aircraft completely brought down a large terrorist workshop, which was producing bombs and improvised explosive devices.

A nearby IS base, hosting weaponry and military vehicles was also targeted, with 10 pieces of military hardware, including several APCs, was eliminated, the ministry said.

A terrorist command center was destroyed by Su-24-M and Su-25 attack aircraft near the town of Khan Shaykhun in Idlib province.

In the Al-Latamna district of Hama Governorate, guided air bombs delivered from Su-34 bombers blew up a militant’s underground HQ, the Defense Ministry said.

Meanwhile, the US president slammed Russian airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria, accusing Moscow of making ISIS stronger by decapacitating the “moderate folks,” prepared by Washington to stitch the country back together once Syria falls.

In his first public comments since Russia launched anti-terrorist airstrikes in Syria, US President Barack Obama said, “The moderate opposition in Syria is one that, if we are ever going to have a political transition, we need. And the Russian policy is driving those folks underground or creating a situation in which they are decapacitated and it is only strengthening IS.”