Palestinians Mark “October Massacre” Anniv.

Palestinians Mark “October Massacre” Anniv.Palestinians Mark “October Massacre” Anniv.

Thousands of Palestinians have attended protests marking the 15th anniversary of the killing of unarmed demonstrators by Israeli police in October 2000.

The demonstrations on Thursday, which took place in towns, including Nazareth and Sakhnin, were attended by a number of Palestinian groups, including members of the Joint List electoral coalition and the Northern Islamic Movement, Al Jazeera reported.

The protesters demanded the end to Israeli police tactics, which they say unfairly target Palestinian activists with measures not used on Israelis.

Israeli police said Thursday’s demonstrations had passed without incident.

Israeli forces shot dead 13 Palestinians in a crackdown following the start of the second Intifada in 2000.

Those killed had been demonstrating against the visit of Ariel Sharon, the then-Israeli prime minister, to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Beit-ul-Moqaddas.

Palestinian activists say none of those responsible for the killings has been indicted, and Israeli police continue to treat Palestinian protests harshly.

More than 40 Palestinians have been killed in encounters with Israeli police outside of protests throughout the 15-year period.

In January 2015, Sami al-Jaar was killed while standing on his patio, as police clashed with local youths.