North Korea Readies Satellite Launch

North Korea Readies Satellite LaunchNorth Korea Readies Satellite Launch

North Korea is planning another satellite launch next month, re-igniting fears that it is really testing a system to deliver nuclear weapons. The secretive state is already under international sanctions for its nuclear and missile tests.

South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se said this month the North’s plan to launch a new satellite, which could be timed around the 70th anniversary of its ruling party on Oct 10, would be a disguised missile test.

The United States has said such a launch could lead to more sanctions, Reuters reported.

North Korea says its space program is peaceful and any attempt to stop it is an attack on its sovereignty.

The North’s space agency said last week it is building a new satellite and readying it for launch, possibly around Oct. 10, which suggests it has made advances in developing a ballistic missile.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry said this week it had not detected any signs of preparations at the main launch site, about 50 km from the Chinese border.