Saudi-Led Warplanes Pound Yemen’s Interior Ministry

Saudi-Led Warplanes Pound Yemen’s Interior MinistrySaudi-Led Warplanes Pound Yemen’s Interior Ministry

Aircraft from a Saudi-led coalition attacked Yemen’s Interior Ministry in the capital, Sana’a, late on Friday and launched several other raids on sites in the heart of the city, residents and other sources there said.

Residents said about 10 airstrikes were launched on the ministry building in the north of the capital, a police camp close to it and a military building, Reuters reported.

The health ministry issued an urgent appeal saying it did not have the capacity to treat all those injured as a result of the strikes on several areas of Sana’a, the official news agency said on Saturday.

Hospitals lack the basic medicines necessary for treating the wounded and lack fuel to operate ambulances and hospital equipment, a health ministry official was quoted as saying.

The raids also targeted the presidential complex and a party building of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, which had already been destroyed in 2011, residents said.

Several air raids also targeted the Fulaihi area of Old Sana’a early on Saturday morning, destroying several houses.

The Omani Foreign Ministry said the residence of its ambassador in Sana’a was hit by a strike on Friday and denounced the act.

“Oman received with deep regret yesterday’s news targeting the ambassador’s home in Sana’a, which is a clear violation of international charters and norms that emphasize the inviolability of diplomatic premises,” the statement said.