Final Vote on Japan’s Security Bills

Final Vote on Japan’s Security BillsFinal Vote on Japan’s Security Bills

Japan’s upper house is set to hold the final vote on bills to expand the role of the country’s military abroad.

They are expected to pass, despite public protests, as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition controls the House of Councilors, BBC reported.

Politicians have first been voting on opposition censure motions brought in an attempt to delay the bills’ passage.

The opposition also plan to file a no-confidence vote in the lower house and may even try walking at an extremely slow pace to some ballots, to use up as much time as possible. On Thursday, opposition politicians tried to physically delay proceedings ahead of a committee vote on the bills.

The bills have prompted large public protests for months.The changes reinterpret rather than formally change the constitution. But critics say this will violate the pacifist constitution and could lead Japan into unnecessary US-led wars abroad.

Supporters of the measures, which are backed by Washington, insist they are essential for the defense of Japan and its regional allies, and will permit greater involvement in peacekeeping activities around the world.